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Ouverture: drum breaks and a horrible color combo

This animated SVG proves why I might as well be color-blind. Trust me to pick matching colours for something and it will end up looking like unicorns barfed up rainbows.

Just see a static image? Then you're probably using Internet Explorer, which doesn't support SVG animation (among many other things). Browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari should work just fine.

The babyphono: good times and bad audio

A little project I did on a whim after a conversation about wireless audio. I told a fellow audio enthousiast that I was looking for a way to stream audio. My buddy said: "have you thought about hobby electronics for FM or other radio techniques? Pretty cheap and easy to make." To which I replied: "Not really, how will that sound?" His answer: "Probably abomidable." Interesting, let's find out... And indeed, the word that comes to mind is: abomidable! I didn't go low-budget, I went no-budget instead, with stuff I had lying around the house. It's an old babyphone, modified by replacing the microphone with a mini-jack plug so you can hook up the transmitter to a mixer or whatever and listen to (what's left of) it with the receiver.

No video? Probably Internet Explorer again. Right-click and save video 1 and video 2 to download them and view them locally.